Fraternity and Sorority Chapter Status at WSU

The information below pertains to the accountability of fraternities and sororities at Washington State University. 

Loss of Recognition:

The following organizations (chapters) are not currently recognized as active organizations at Washington State University.

Date Organization Prohibited Conduct Earliest Re-recognition Date


Alpha Tau Omega

Hazing, Abuse of Others, Reckless Endangerment, Alcohol, Violation of University Policy



Kappa Sigma

Abuse of Others, Alcohol, Abuse of Conduct System



Alpha Kappa Lambda

Hazing, Abuse of Others, Reckless Endangerment, Alcohol, Violation of University Policy, Abuse of the Conduct System


Community Standards Status:

The information below pertains to the current status of organizations within the WSU Community Standards Process.  Organizations that are indicated to have received a Notice of Investigation or have a pending hearing are presumed not responsible for a policy violation, pending the outcome of the investigation. Offices referenced include the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life (CFSL) and the Center for Community Standards (CCS).



Description (Definitions listed below chart)

Due Date

04/07/2020 Lambda Chi Alpha

Active Sanctions:

  1. Disciplinary probation until 12/31/2022
  2. Meeting with chapter coach: Completed
  3. Full chapter review of outcomes: Completed
  4. Headquarters provided programming: Due 8/1/22
  5. Review of fraternity education process, pre-initiation plan and recruitment plans: Due 8/1/22
  6. Policy review – accountability: Due 8/25/22
  7. Policy review – event management: Due 8/25/22
  8. Eight social events without alcohol: 0 of 8 complete
  9. Full chapter alcohol education programming: Due 10/1/22
  10. Summary/closing reflection paper: Due 12/31/22
  Phi Kappa Tau Together: Public Health Workshop Past Due
4/12/22 Phi Sigma Kappa Active CCS Investigation: Interim Suspension of All Chapter Activities



Kappa Alpha Theta

Active CCS Investigation


Phi Kappa Tau

Active CCS Investigation

1/27/2022 Phi Sigma Kappa Active CCS Investigation


1/27/2022 Phi Kappa Theta Active CCS Investigation


Community Standards Definitions

Pending Board Hearing – WSU has completed its investigation and has referred the matter to the University Conduct Board. Outcomes of board hearings can include Loss of University Recognition.

Pending Conduct Officer Hearing - WSU has completed its investigation and has referred the matter to a Conduct Officer hearing. Conduct Officer Hearings may include a variety of educational sanctions but cannot include Loss of Recognition.

Active CCS Investigation – WSU has issued a notice of investigation of alleged violations to the organization, and the center for community standards has begun its investigative process. 

Pending Appeals Period – A conduct officer or conduct board has made a decision regarding the Organization’s responsibility for a student conduct violation.  During the appeals period, the Organization has the opportunity to appeal the decision and the decision is not final.

Pending Appeals Board Hearing – The Organization has requested a review of the decisions made by either the conduct officer or conduct board.  During this appeals time sanctions are not effective, pending the outcome of the appeals board.

The Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life and the Washington State University community have zero tolerance for hazing. If you are being hazed or have witnessed a hazing incident, click here to report the incident.

Fraternity and sorority chapter facilities are not owned, operated, nor managed by Washington State University. Each chapter facility and Greek letter organization is controlled by its respective national organization, local chapter and/or housing corporation. Students and families should familiarize themselves with the policies and culture of each organization prior to joining.